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Installing the 1&1 Backup Manager on a 1&1 Cloud Server or a 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud (Linux)

This guide describes how to install the 1&1 Backup Manager for Linux on a 1&1 Cloud Server or a 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud. The 1&1 Backup Manager is a software to easily and comfortably manage all your backups. The software can be started automatically or manually, and is freely customizable.


For 1&1 Cloud Servers

For 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud

You are in the section Infrastructure > Servers.

You have already created a backup account to manage the backups of your server.

You have memorized the name and the password for the backup account.

The desired server is switched on.

You have ensured that the TCP port 443 in your firewall is open for incoming and outgoing requests.

  1. Select the desired server.
  2. Click DVD Drive.
  3. In the Elements per Page field, select 10 elements.
  4. In the Applications tab, select 1&1 Backup Manager.
  5. Click Load DVD.
  6. Click Actions > Access KVM Console.

    The KVM console opens in a new tab.

  7. Log in with the following information:
      • localhost login: root
      • Password: the password of your choice
    You will be logged in to the server.
  8. Enter the command mkdir /media/cdrom.
    The directory /media/cdrom is created.
  9. Enter the command mount -t auto /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom.
    The DVD drive is mounted.
  10. Enter the command cd /media/cdrom.
    The directory /media/cdrom opens.
  11. To view the content of the DVD, enter the command ls.
    The content of the DVD will be displayed.
    Note: The 1&1 Backup Manager is available as a 32-bit and a 64-bit version.
  12. Optional: To identify the operating system architecture of your server, enter the command uname -a.
  13. To install the 1&1 Backup Manager, enter the following command:
    • Installation of the 64-bit version: sh ./
    • Installation of the 32-bit version: sh ./
  14. Enter the name of the desired backup account.
  15. Enter the password of the desired backup account.
  16. Confirm that the displayed encryption method is to be used.
  17. Enter an encryption password.
    Note: All backups will be encrypted with this password. Without this encryption password, your backups cannot be restored. Therefore, keep the encryption password in a safe place!
  18. If you wish to use a proxy server, enter the value true when the query Use proxy server: appears. If you do not wish to use a proxy server, enter the value false.

The 1&1 Backup Manager will be installed.